Welcome To The Spartanlifecoach

The Spartanlifecoach is an ongoing, organically developing project by Coach Richard Grannon to provide people with information to help them overcome psychological issues like cptsd, narcissistic abuse, anxiety and depression.


The Discipline Course

You CAN turn things around if you know how to…

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Self Assertiveness Course

Overcome psychological addiction to “People pleaser” syndrome

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First Aid Kit

Do you need urgent help to STOP the pain?

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Heal Dissociation

Tools to leave the haze of chronic day dreaming and return to your life again.

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Overcome Narcisstic Abuse

Struggling from the effects of a narcissistic or psychopathically abusive relationship?

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Covert Narcisstic Abuse

Unmasking covert narcissistic abuse
and recovering from it.

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Take Revenge On A Narcissist

Use the secret techniques of emotional manipulators… against them!

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Manage Contact With A Narcisstist

For some people “no contact” cannot be applied in their individual case.

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Removing The Narcissistic Malware Course

Narcissistic Abuse: Removing the Malware and Upgrading the Software

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Emotional Literacy Course

Still struggling from the effects of crippling emotional flashbacks?

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