Covert Narcissism Unmasked

The covert/vulnerable/fragile narcissist

One of the most awful elements of narcissistically abusive relationships is feeling hopeful that the other person will change or that we can "love them better".

The Covert/fragile/vulnerable narcissist enflames this hopefulness by giving us occasional glimpses of their vulnerability so they appear to us like a "little girl/boy lost" in the woods who needs rescuing.

Sadly this is all part of their strategy to extract narcissistic supply from you.

A step by step, easy to follow solution

This course represents an attempt to do to things:

1. to train you to recognise the signs of covert narcissists so you can make a distinction whether the person is merely a victim with ptsd who has bad days or that they are consciously abusing you.
From here you can decide whether to invest time in the "salvation project" (I do NOT recommend this under any circumstances, even if it really is just PTSD) or to simply walk away from them and grieve the loss.

2. To teach you how to overcome the devastating effects of a relationship with a covert narcissist.
These are a complicates cluster of symptomos in the person who has been their target because the individuals sesne of being able to make realistic judgements about the world will have been damaged, but it IS possible to heal.


This course can be done inside of 3 weeks from beginning to end

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There are some written exercises but most of it is done through listening.

Step by Step

The course is laid out neatly and cleanly, so you'll know exactly what you are doing every day.


The freedom to know with certainty that you are dealing with a covert narcissist