Richard Grannon has a BSc in Psychology from Aston University. Throughout his 20's and early 30's he worked in the security industry and taught self defence. 
Alongside this he was worked as a trainer in the Education sector for 5 years across the UK developing and delivering programmes to students and teachers to improve their emotional intelligence, capacity to teach/learn in a way that was functional and effective for the students and various relevant psychology skills syncretically adapted from multiple modalities including CBT, mindfulness, NLP, psychoanalytic theory, positive psychology and hypnosis.

Richards predominant area of interest is in helping people protect themselves from exploitation and bullying at any level, personal, cultural or political.
This has led to a period of studying narcissism and psychopathy and its effects particularly in emotional dysregulation, CPTSD and codependence.
His vision is to empower individuals to break free of the strictures placed on them by others to individuate and be the most authentic version of themselves possible.