Jun 21, 2014

Sometimes we get stuck on whats “wrong” and forget whats going “right” and where we have made real progress.

It can be worth taking a mental note of whats good, what we have learned, where we have made progress or asserted a new boundary.

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May 31, 2014

Toxic Shame is a neurotic, irrational feeling of worthlessness, humiliation, self loathing and paralysing feeling that has been inflicted onto an individual through repeated, traumatic experiences often, but not always, rooted in childhood.

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It is described as toxic both because it permeates and corrupts every level of the human system and because of the corrosive effect it has on the individuals psychological outlook, emotional states and ability to maintain a positive self image.

Handling Toxic Shame is key to overcoming the effects of Complex PTSD that is rooted in adverse childhood conditions. Complex PTSD is the effects of being raised in a traumatic, confusing, violent, demanding and contrary emotional environment. It is like PTSD...

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