It is broken down into 4 modules and is coached over 4 one hour long sessions. As well as the coaching there are several hours of instructional video (9 videos total) to go through, a pdf with exercises and audio tracks for unconscious repatterning for each module.

This course is not an emotionally demanding one, but will require about an hour a day of commitment from you for the first 20 days of doing the course.

You must follow all instructions given by your chosen coach to the letter.

This course is NOT covered by the usual spartanlifecoach refund policy. If you are going to sign up to this course we expect you to do it with full commitment and that will mean that you follow the coaches instructions for at least 4 weeks.

If you are “stuck” on one person in your life, if you feel you are trauma bonded to an individual and cant move past feeling heartbroken over them, then this course will work to eradicate that completely.

If you would like to do the course please message Coach Terry [email protected] or Coach Steve [email protected] directly.

Do NOT message the helpdesk with questions about this course they will not be answered. ALL questions go to Terry and Steve directly.

If you would like to know more about coaches Terry and Steve please click here

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