Written from the perspective of Leyla Loric, a biologist and Richard Grannon, a psychologist, “How to Take Revenge on a Narcissist” is a multi layered take on what it is like to be the victim of narcissistic abuse, the invisible scars it leaves and the crippling desire for vengeance and closure that infects the target long after the narc has moved on to fresh prey.

A manual full of practical tips, tricks and tactics that teaches how to get inside the mechanics of the narc psyche to cause maximum angst to the predator.

Learn practical research-based strategies that empower you to either take revenge or through understanding find the strength to disengage across a variety of contexts and objectives.

Not every narcissist will be an ex lover, sometimes it could be a boss, family member or just some irritating dimwit at work who cant shut up. This book covers a spectrum of contexts and needs from outing a narcissists true nature in a court room, to a cutting put-down in a bar.

Whilst this book handles a serious subject, every effort has been made to lighten the darkness and to use humour to give some healthier options of response. Whether you choose (as a mature, responsible grown up) to use it as an actual guidebook for vengeful action, an exercise in angry fantasizing or as a means of just letting go, this book is a sincere effort by two people who have experienced narcissistic abuse to bring peace to the victims of this horrible, potentially life destroying disorder.


Now you can learn the secrets no narcissist would ever want you to get hold of.


1. Never, ever want to be drawn into a narcissistic relationship AGAIN! learn the secrets that narcissists play on to lure you in and BREAK THE CYCLE forever.

2. People who find themselves trapped in a narcissistically abusive relationship – if you simply knew the TRUTH of what was really going on in your relationship the narcissist knows very well you would be out of the door like a shot! they are praying you NEVER find out the secrets kept in this book that hold good hearted people in emotionally abusive relationships

3. People who want to WALK AWAY for ever and never look back! Isn’t it an irritating burden to even after having gone through the drama and upheaval of a break up with a narcissist (not to mention the expense, emotional, financial and time-wise) to have to carry them around in your head and your heart every day?

The narcissist would hate for you to be shown the mechanics of why and HOW the narcissist makes you feel this way so that you can undo it and walk away FOREVER.


Find out what makes you desire narcissistically abusive relationships, heal it, grow in self-awareness and strength and MOVE ON to a better life, leaving them in the dust.

Nothing is more painful to a narcissist than to LOSE CONTROL over a victim and be discarded in the past by a victim who was not only “not crushed” by the break up but actually improved as a person as a result!

This will have the narcissist frothing at the mouth with rage.


There is finally a manual on how to stop emotional flashbacks!

Does your past influence your life today? Are you out of control of your emotions?

The authors of the Amazon best selling book “How to take revenge on a narcissist”, Leyla Loric and Richard Grannon have now come together to make a short and practical self-help manual on how to heal from emotional flashbacks.

For anyone who has suffered emotional abuse or past trauma, the methods presented in this concise manual will help you to take control of your emotions again. An important step on your path to recovery from CPTSD / PTSD.


  • What are emotional flashbacks
  • How to stop emotional flashbacks
  • Taking control of how you feel
  • Learning how to detect triggers
  • Trauma responses
  • State management techniques

It also includes exercises and hypnosis audios which will help you heal on a deeper level.


A self help book that doesn't creep me out, that makes total sense and doesn't leave me feeling inadequate, confused and abandoned with a ton of chores of questionable efficacy . This is a friendly intimate voice of reason and I find myself laughing, nodding, shedding a tear, listening hard and think yes, yap, oh wow thats new, yes yes. I can do that. It's like talking to a friend. Don't be fooled, it's all about Self Help. You need to a) have emotional flashbacks and b) wanna DO something about it. Yourself. This little gem helps you with that and actually with a WHOLE lot more. Favourite part is the mnemonic tool, and the very comprehensive description of the reaction patterns to the flashback! Brilliant!

- Åse Bruun

This is the first time I have seen any definitive suggestions on moving forward from an abusive relationship with a narcissist. The standard advice is to take a no contact approach. This is often not an option. Taking a completely passive tact still leaves you at the mercy of your tormentor. Since rage and vengeance is more likely than not from a narcissist your only chance of repelling your abuser is to make sure that they realize that there will be negative consequences for them if they continue to peruse you. Intelligent, insightful and sometimes quite funny these two authors share their first-hand experiences to empower the reader. This book is a must-read for anybody who has found themselves in a relationship with a narcissist.

- Leeny

This is exactly what I was looking for. Despite reading and searching out to learn as much as I could about NPD, nothing else that I have come across as been as validating of my experience with an NP, nor as practical in terms of bringing me as close as possible to emotional peace in the aftermath. Over and over, I felt the authors had lifted thoughts and experiences out of my own head, cleanly, precisely, which in their piercing accuracy has been an incredible salve. To the authors--- thank you.... please keep up the exceptionally good work.

- SW

It is such a relief to finally be understood! I have suffered with this throughout my life, and no one really got me. I have seen so many different kinds of therapists and counselors, and some were helpful, but none really got this. I feel more hope than I have in ages. I'm practicing these ideas every day now. I can honestly say that my life is getting better and better, instead of just saying it as an affirmation. Thank you.


I needed closure. I needed to the point. I got a fuller understanding of what happened. I recommend this to the person in search of their self and identity. It broke it down to where it is what it is. Hope you get out of it what I did. Life is good.

- Monkoman