Still struggling from the effects of crippling emotional flashbacks?


The Emotional Literacy Course Does It ALL For You 

  • Potential total long term cure to emotional flashbacks
  • A means of eradicating anxiety and depression
  • A potential total healing from damage to the self image
  • Tools for far greater self care, self assertiveness and self governance

As you will see the course has a very thorough, very clear and “step by step” approach to EVERYTHING. This is so you can feel comfortable always knowing what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.

Follow the exercises in the videos, listen to the audios, follow along with the suggestions and I guarantee within 3 days of using the material you will already be feeling major shifts in:

Improved Emotional State

Greater Mental Clarity

As you will see inside the course I’ve gone to great lengths to make this easy, fun and crystal clear.

This is so that you can do the course and relax, safe in the knowledge that you are not “doing it wrong” and that you can just trust the processglide through the exercises (there are videos where I literally do the exercises along with you, all you have to do is press play!) and then reap the benefits.

Heal dissociation course

And by this I mean that you will start to feel clearer, more focused and happier, very, very rapidly.

How and why does it work so quickly?

Well it’s explained in great detail in the course (I actually draw a mind map that shows you exactly how this works) but part of the problem is the FAULTY AND DANGEROUS way we approach and process our feelings.

Probably most people who have CPTSD and the multitude of spin off mental/emotional health related issues that CPTSD is the cause of are making this one major mistake.

It’s impossible to heal fully and completely without correcting this error.

Within the first module of the course I will explain the root cause of this “software fault” and how it manifests and then in module 2 I go into describing a means of correcting it.

“What happens if I don’t correct the error?”

If you have been struggling for more than two years to overcome the effects of narcissistic abuse then you are living with and not correcting this “software fault”.

So what happens?


Nothing changes.

You’re already living the result of it.

Your life continues to look like this forever more.

This is why so many of us stay stuck on the merry go round of therapy, seminars, bad relationships and sometimes even falling prey to cult like groups desperately trying to find a way to stop the pain.

It’s ONLY a “software fault” in our map of our inner reality and it needs to be corrected, urgently, if we are to move forward and heal.

BUT it’s just a thought (or, well, a cluster of thoughts, feelings and beliefs) and thoughts can be altered very rapidly!

Once I’ve shown it to you, you will kick yourself (we CPTSD people do love a bit of self kicking!) because its so SHOCKINGLY simple and you’ve probably come close to realizing the same thing many times but, just like me, you never quite got there.

This new understanding will help everything else fall into place allowing you to honour your feelings, your true authentic self, your inner child and your purpose in life.

So that you can live truly and fully and THRIVE!

Now this course is not for everyone.

If you are a therapy/self help “know it all”, move on, none of the information here will go in. As soon as you think “oh I already know this stuff” I can’t help you.

If you are not 100% SICK OF BEING SICK and committed to making this material work, move on, you will give up too easily.

If you are secretly quite comfy with where you are up to and find the idea of being free of CPTSD a possible disturbance to the rut of self-anesthetizing dissasociative addictive lifestyle you are in, move on.

Listen I know that sounds harsh, but this course is strictly only for people who are really READY TO MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES.

This course is NOT a fresh means of psycho-babblytical bypassing.

Nor is it an extremely complex, “new”, funky sounding “therapeutic system” channeled through the star system to activate your unicorn chakras and send you whizzing into your past lives to undo karmic shackles to the planet Umfufu.

It is an honest, CLEAR, direct and practical approach to coming back to who you are, in this very moment, just as you are and processing all that which needs to be processed only as much as is necessary for you to feel better and heal, in a way that is straightforward, safe and deliberately kept as simple (and rapid) as possible.

IF you are ready to be humble, to be sincere and open-hearted, to listen, to think, to try, to work, to play and to be kinder to yourself…

IF you put into practice the exercises as outlined in the course they will provide you with powerful and permanent quantum leaps in your healing process.

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