Removing the Malware and Upgrading the Software


Live Seminar Shot in London

  • These are the videos taken of the October 2015 London Seminar on
    Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse.

  • There are a total of 12 videos available for you to stream.

  • The total run time is 9.5 hours approx.


  • How the narcisstic “shell” personality is formed.
  • How narcisstic abuse manifests and the damage it does to the victim.
  • How to overcome the types of issues from childhood that leave us “open” to narcissistic abuse.
  • How to fully recover from abuse and the CPTSD it causes.
  • How to “upgrade our mental software” and learn how to detect abusive types and protect ourselves from them.
  • How to get on with and enjoy life after narcissistic abuse.

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