Overcome Psychological Addiction to “People Pleaser” Syndrome


Eradicate forever the “unconscious rules” that are stopping you from fighting your corner with confidence and skill.

Still feeling frustrated about your lack of willingness to assert yourself and your unreasonable anxiety about verbal arguments?


Do you feel like there is a disparity between how strongly you can assert yourself in some areas of your life and yet how weak you are at it in other areas?

Have you ever wondered WHY you might regularly be the target for verbal abuse or narcissistic style bullying or just simple exploitation consistently over time?

Have you ever felt walked all over and been angry with yourself afterwards for not doing more?

Ever felt like sometimes people were taking a liberty with your “good nature”?

Then this is the course for you.


Previously I have offered good solid tutorials on HOW to do verbal conflict skilfully and with confidence but I did not get into healing the root causes of WHY people find arguments so difficult and WHY some people seem to be targets for verbal abuse more than others.

This tutorial is a series of video tutorials (over 3 hours of training) that will conclusively answer these questions and give you the ability to eradicate this problem forever.

It also has a 30 minute guided hypnotic track of affirmations and suggestions that will allow you to create a new persona (Supra State) that CAN and will handle verbal conflict skilfully, without any anxiety at all, with a smile and will find it easy and natural to assert yourself, especially in the face of people trying to exploit your good nature.


  • why even if you can PHYSICALLY fight you are still nervous in a simple verbal argument – (its partly BECAUSE you can fight)
  • why Ive not got down to the ROOT CAUSE of this issue before – I was teaching what to do when Verbal conflict happens not WHY it happens, the personality traits that cause it to happen frequently to some people and make it very hard for them to cope with
  • if you are being bullied frequently or often find yourself the target for verbal abuse you need to be rigorously honest with yourself
  • It might be painful, but understanding this statement will open the door to overcoming the issue forever: “people in weak positions cannot make strong moves, people in strong positions cannot make weak moves”
  • learning to take a zen, grounded, detached approach, not moralising about the other person or yourself (the systems thinking approach)
  • understanding and healing “open wounds in the psyche” that attract narcissists, bullies, vampires, criminal predators.
  • how to STOP unconsciously attracting drama and suffering (you might be addicted to being a victim and not realise)
  • the 15 personality traits of people who are frequently targets of manipulation and verbal abuse
  • how these personality traits form “unconscious rules” – like “I must ALWAYS put other people before me”- and how to ALTER these rules

What Exactly is inside the Self Assertiveness Training Big Pack?

  • Self Assertiveness Training – 2 Videos and 1 Audio
  • Offensive Psychology – 1 Audio Tutorial
  • Verbal Conflict Principles 2.0 – 1 Audio Tutorial
  • Social Magnetism – 2 Audio Tutorials and 1 Ebook
  • Verbal Conflict Solo Drills – 1 Video Tutorial and 1 Ebook
  • Instant Confidence – 1 Video Tutorial
  • (free bonus) Talk Your Way Out of Trouble – 1 Video Tutorial
  • Anti Bullying Tactics – 2 Audio Tutorials and 1 Ebook
  • State Management – Audio Tutorial
Heal dissociation course

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Total Run Time of all audio and video is 10 hours approx


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